How To Win More Buyers Easily



The world is not fair. It holds true in home selling. 

Some homes in your neighborhood are not bigger, more expensively upgraded, or at a better location than yours... But they sold fast and your home is still there.

Before I told you how to sell your home fast, let's do something you may ignore.

Let me show you how to ...

Help Buyers Visualize Your home As Their Future Home.

If you watch reality show like 'Cake Boss' or 'Kitchen Nightmare', you'll be surprised of one thing:

cake shop or restaurant owners had no idea of how bad their food tasted until people at a free tasting roadshow told them so.

You'll think their family or friends should have told them earlier so they wouldn't have suffered from loss.

Nope... The lesson learned is ...

You Need To Find Someone Who Can Tell The Truth.

Friends of cake shop or restaurant owners are afraid to tell them that simple truth: their food is not that good.

Most of our relatives or friends are the same. They're afraid to break our hearts by criticizing our home. I have to admit it. I tell white lies to my friends all the time.

The consequence? You won't present your home at its best condition.

Why do you need such a truth deliverer? Because he or she will tell you to... 

Remove Clatters Before You Even Market Your House. 

We love our home so much. Things are there because we love them. They are not clatters. Absolutely not.

But an unbiased person will tell you: you know what, they're clatters. Only you need them.

If this person has the similar background of potential buyers (age, occupation, family size ect.), or knows what buyers need, that will be even better. 

Another thing this person can help you is to help...

Depersonalize Your Home.

Once again, the line between personal things and general decoration becomes blur, after you live in your home for several years.

If you ever visit model homes, you will find no family photos there.

Also things that reflect your personality, like enormously big antique collections, are better to be removed.

One more thing you can ask this person is whether you need to...

Fix Small Defects On The Surface

First impression is always important. Buyers automatically assign a value in their brain to your house.

If some small defects bother your friend, they may bother buyers too.

One more important thing is to ...

Try Not To Meet Buyers

That sounds a bit contrary to common sense. Right?

I felt the same way when I was told some time ago. But after I studied buyers and sellers for a few years, I found the wisdom behind it.

We tend to defend our opinion. It's a human nature. As sellers, we naturally don't like negative comments about our home.

Unless you're sure you can handle buyers well, you want someone else to meet buyers.

Another benefit of not meeting buyers is that buyers can easily project themselves as the new owner of the house. Isn't that what you want?

So now we get your home at perfect status. Let me show you

FIVE Essential Tips To Sell Your Home

1.  First get DECENT photographs taken to show off your home. 

A photograph really matters. It's the way you deliver to buyers first impressions of your house. 

Take photos at different time during a day and with different angels when you have a beautiful mood.

2.  Get valuation of your home. 

Be REALISTIC about your price. You need to evaluate your home from buyers' angles.

It's the same important as photos of your house. It's part of buyers' first impressions. So spend time on your home valuation.

3.  Get your paperwork IN ORDER

If you get your paperwork sorted out early, it will help things move along more quickly once you've accepted an offer.

It's especially important when buyers want to move in quickly.

4.  Learn negotiation skills and how to pick a good buyer

Before entering into negotiations with a buyer, make sure you have decided on the lowest price you will drop to.

Negotiation process can be way different from what you expected. Get well prepared.

If several prospective buyers are interested in your home, it's worth thinking about who's least likely to pull out, and who can move at the same pace as you, as well as the amount each buyer offers. 

Remember, your goal is to sell at the best price not be offered the best price. Some buyers offer a lucrative price but eventually drop off. That's not what you want.

5.  Be CLEAR what’s included in the price. 

After you've chosen a buyer, make sure they understand exactly what’s included in the price, including furnitures or personal articles.


Selling a house is a mix of experience, knowledge, skills and arts. If you agree and don't have the time to learn what it's needed to sell home quickly, it could make sense to explore other options.


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